Beer and pizza go together like peanut butter and jelly, or spaghetti and meatballs. Everyone loves beer, but a darkhorse of the beer world is the IPA. People that love their IPAs seem to be a little obsessed. So, what is it about IPAs in particular that people love. Let’s take a closer look.

What is an IPA?

India Pale Ale, or IPA, is a hoppy style of beer in the pale ale category. Oddly enough, IPAs were not first created in India, but actually England in the 19th century. The phrase “India Pale Ale” was first used to describe the new version of beer in a newspaper ad printed in Australia to make it sound exotic. 

What are the different styles of IPAs?

There are three versions of IPAs. These are:

  • American Style: has a bolder more aromatic flavor.
  • English Style:  has a deep amber color and a more balanced flavor.
  • Double or Imperial: has a high alcohol content and a very hoppy flavor. 

Why are IPAs so popular?

IPAs tend to have a cult following. They’re different and interesting and have a different flavor profile than most craft beers, so they have a pretty intense following of all sorts of beer drinkers, from the occasional partaker to the enthusiast. The flavor of an IPA is a little bit more full-bodied and earthy, giving it a different appeal than a lager or ales. We like to think of an IPA as the rebel of the beers; it has an edge that sets it apart.

What makes the flavor so different?

IPAs have a bitterness that other beers don’t have. Bitter may be an acquired taste, but it gives it a sophistication that makes it stand out. 

Here at Pete and Elda’s, we have several different IPAs for you to try. Order one at the bar next time you’re here for a pie. Who knows? You may just find your new favorite beer.