If you’re a diehard pizza fan, you may be under the impression that if you were to change your diet to vegetarian or vegan, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy your favorite food any longer. This just isn’t true! Pizza is still a staple among those following a meat-free or completely plant-based diet. Here’s our guide to how to enjoy pizza while changing your diet.

Cheese Please

Now if you’re a vegetarian, you can still enjoy cheese on your pie. A classic cheese is always a crowd pleaser for those just eliminating meat from their diet. Vegans, however, do not consume dairy products of any kind, meaning no dairy cheese. While this seems insane to some, there are some flavorful dairy-free cheese alternatives on the market. If you’re having a homemade pizza night, try experimenting with different products till you find one you like. And although we have a hard time saying this, you can order a pizza with all your favorite veggies without cheese. Add extra sauce if you like, and go for some greens like spinach for a cheese-free base. Even meat eaters are known to skip the cheese since many people are sensitive to dairy.

Veggies Galore

When it comes to vegetables for pizza toppings, the possibilities are endless. Mushrooms, olives, green peppers, spinach, tomatoes… There are so many options. Whether you eat cheese or not, we recommend loading up on the veggies; you won’t even miss the pepperoni!

Experiment with Sauce

While classic marinara sauce pairs perfectly with any vegetable, you don’t have to go with good old tomato sauce. Try barbecue with mushrooms and caramelized onions, or if you still consume dairy, try a white pizza with spinach, one of our favorites. A good sauce is a foundation for a tasty pizza, so try them all.

If you’re a vegetarian or vegan, you can still indulge in pizza; you don’t have to miss out on a thing!