Pizza brings people together. But not just for meals. All over the world, contests are held to earn the top honors for all sorts of things related to pizza. Let’s look at some amazing pizza world records.

The World’s Largest Pizza

Guinness World Records lists the world’s largest pizza as one made in Rome with a surface area of 13,580 square feet and, believe it or not, was completely gluten-free. The five Italian pizza makers Dovilio, Marco and Matteo Nardi, Andrea Mannocchi and Matteo Giannotte, named the humongous pizza Ottavia after the first Roman emperor Octavian Augustus.

Most Toppings on a Pizza

For an episode of RecordSetter Kids, the host set a world record for the most toppings on a cooked pizza with twenty-seven toppings. That sounds a little low to us. Anyone up for a toppings challenge?

Highest Pizza Toss

On April 20, 2006, Joe Carlucci tossed a 20-ounce ball of pizza dough in the air at a height of 21.39 feet, setting the record for the world’s highest pizza toss.

Largest Pizza Delivery

Anyone order 30,000 pizzas? On the 4th of July in 2012, Pizza 4 Patriots sent 30,000 twelve inch pizzas via DHL Express to the troops in Afghanistan. Because if anyone deserves to enjoy a delicious pizza pie on our nation’s Independence Day, it’s the troops. Way to go, Pizza 4 Patriots.

Largest Collection of Pizza Boxes

Have you ever gone over to a friend’s house and were able to tell how long it’s been since they’ve cleaned by how many pizza boxes were lying around? Well, imagine walking in and finding 595 boxes piled against every wall. That’s what the apartment of Scott Wiener in New York City looks like. He holds the world record for the largest collection of pizza boxes. That’s a lot of pizza!

We are feeling inspired by all these pizza world records and hope you are too! Perhaps you’re the next pizza world record holder?