Beach Haus Brewery is a local brewer here at the Jersey Shore. They are fairly new but have made a splash on the local microbrew scene, especially with their seasonal beer “Winter Rental”. They are best known for their classic American pilsner, but they have a handful of other creative beers as well!


About the Brewer

Beach Haus was co-founded in 2007 by Brian Ciriaco and John ‘Merk’ Merklin out of a garage in Brick Township. Through a mutual friend, they met an avid home brewer named Tom Przyborwski, who would later come on board as the head brewmaster for Beach Haus. Their first creation was the Beach Haus Classic American Pilsner that they would brew every weekend for two years, getting the recipe down right. In 2010, they saw the first sales and distribution of their pilsner, and over the next couple years they started to brew other styles of beer. Then in the spring of 2015, Beach Haus opened their official brewery in Belmar and have seen great success.


About the Beer

Beach Haus Winter Rental is the Jersey Shore’s take on a black lager.  It is pleasantly balanced, and offers a nice blend of milk chocolate and coffee notes.  It is easy to drink and very flavorful!  Pours brown with a white head, smells of grassy hops, grains, caramel, and also has a great level of carbonation. Winter Rental is a superb local take on a schwarzbier brew.


Quick Beer Facts

Hops – Blend of American hops including Horizon and Mt. Hood

Malts – A selection of malts including Pilsen, Munich, Roasted Barley, and Chocolate

ABV – 5.2%

IBUs – 28

Availability – October to February


Would You Like This Beer?

If you’re new to winter-style beers and craft beer in general, Winter Rental is a very pleasant beer to drink.  For a black lager, it is not overwhelming and will leave you wanting more.  Plus, what is better than supporting a local brewery that is right in our back yard? We currently have Winter Rental on tap, so come on down and give it a try!