Shock Top Brewing Company is most well known for their Belgian white brew and their raspberry wheat, but they also make seasonal and limited edition beers as well. That’s where Twisted Pretzel Wheat comes in.  This is a limited edition brew that delivers a delicious taste and aroma of a bakery-fresh pretzel in a Belgian-style wheat ale.


About the Brewer

Before Shock Top Brewing Company was what it is today, it all started in 2006 and was originally just a seasonal brew called “Spring Heat Spiced Wheat”.  The beer ended up winning gold and bronze in the 2006 and 2007 North America Beer Awards for best Belgian White.  After shocking the beer world with their win, they decided to change the name of their trademark beer to what it is today, “Shock Top”.  They have since grown past their signature Belgian White to a variety of beers with a bunch of different flavors for everyone.


About the Beer

Shock Top’s Twisted Pretzel Wheat is a very interesting take on a Belgian wheat ale.  At first glance you think, “Wow a pretzel beer, how could that be any good?”, but it is actually delicious!  The brew pours copper colored and tops off with about a two finger head.  The taste is caramel and biscuit flavored, and has an aroma of toasted malts and pretzels.  It is not overly sweet and the carbonation is just about right.


Quick Beer Facts

ABV – 5.2%

Style – Witbier

Calories: 156


Would You Like This Beer?

If you are into quirky, novelty beers then you will enjoy this brew from Shock Top.  It is an interesting twist on their Belgian wheat and the pretzel taste is pretty darn spot on.  This is definitely a beer that you can enjoy with a nice dinner.  We currently have Twisted Pretzel Wheat on tap so come on down and give it a try yourself!