Attention IPA lovers: we have ourselves another winner! Firestone’s Union Jack IPA is one of the best IPA’s out in the craft beer market right now.  It has excellent hops with an exceptional balance that will convince many more people to try out an IPA.  Firestone has a wide selection of craft beer, but their Union Jack IPA is their ace in the hole.


About the Brewer

Firestone Walker Brewing Company is based in Paso Robles, California, and is ran by two brothers-in-law, David Walker (aka The Lion) and Adam Firestone (aka The Bear).  Along with the help of a quality brewmaster, Matt Brynildson, they created a craft beer juggernaut known as Firestone Walker today.  They may battle at times, but they never forget that it is for the love of the beer.


About the Beer

Union Jack IPA pours on the darker yellow side for an IPA, has about a two finger head and is pretty clear.  The taste is fantastic and it is carbonated perfectly.  The name Union Jack pays homage to colonial origins of the IPA style, and to the British expatriate that helped co-found the company, David Walker.  Union Jack is double dry-hopped to give it bold grapefruit, tangerine and other citrus flavors.  It is perfectly contrasted by a pale malt sweetness to give it a good intensity.


Quick Beer Facts

ABV – 7.5%

IBUs – 70

Color – 8 SRM

Fermentation – 100% stainless steel fermentation

Malts – Premium Two-Row (Metcalf & Kendall varieties), Munich, Cara Pils, Simpson’s Light Crystal.

Hops – 4 lbs/BBL: Bittering— Magnum; Late Kettle—Cascade, Centennial; Dry Hops—Amarillo, Cascade, Centennial, Citra, Chinook, Simcoe


Would You Like This Beer?

Short answer: yes. If you are a big IPA and craft beer drinker, you will definitely enjoy this beer.  Firestone Walker hit the nail on the head with this creation and is probably one of the most enjoyable IPAs out on the market.  If you aren’t into IPAs but you still want to give them another shot, this is the beer you try.  It is perfect for those who are still iffy about IPAs, and it is perfect for those who enjoy IPAs regularly.  Firestone Walker Union Jack IPA is on tap so come on down and give it a try!